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应beat365娱乐官方登录焦玉勇院长、唐志成博士邀请,国际著名岩石力学专家Nick Barton博士来校进行学术交流。


报告人Dr. Nick Barton

报告题目:Lessons learned from large failures: Multiple causes include adverse design, geology or support



Nick Barton has a B.Sc. and Ph.D from London University. He worked for two long periods at NGI in Oslo, and also at Terra Tek in Salt Lake City, USA. Since 2000 he has had his own rock engineering consultancy, Nick Barton & Associates. He has consulted on rock engineering projects in a total of 38 countries during 45 years, has 300 publications, and has written two books. He has ten international awards including the 6th Müller Lecture of ISRM. He developed the Q-system for classifying rock masses, and for selecting single-shell tunnel support in 1974. He was originator of the rock joint shear strength parameters JRC and JCS and co-developer of the Barton-Bandis constitutive laws for rock joint modelling, a sub-routine in UDEC-BB since 1985. He also developed the Qtbm prognosis method, and Qslope for selecting safe slope angles.


1. Cavern collapse due to concealed ridge, lack of arching stress

2. Optimistic temporary support in natm tunnel: real-rock problem

3. Steel sets fail in a cavern arch due to neglect of a fault zone

4. Limitations of lattice girders with over-break, with big joints

5. Open-pit collapse due to ‘nose’ and no tangential confinement

6. Progressive failure of rock masses – four components

7. Over-stressed/over-strained: the ’0.4’x UCS ‘mystery’ explained

8. Extensional-strain tensile fracturing, propagation in shear

9. Benefit ofjointing in dissipating unstable (shear) fracturing